Price: £75.00
Format: Vinyl
Artist: Vivian Stanshall
CatNo: SMALP931-TP
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Rare Test Pressing of Rawlinson's End by Vivian Stanshall.

In the years just before his untimely death in 1995, Vivian Stanshall intended to generate a new album based around the content of three of the final Rawlinson's End episodes broadcast by John Peel on the BBC; Crackpot at the end of the Rainbow recorded in February 1988, The Eating at Rawlinson End, from August 1988 and The Thing at Rawlinson End, from April 1991.
For decades it has been rumoured that a new Sir Henry album would be released and in 2023, Madfish in collaboration with the Stanshall Family made that rumour a reality. 
Double vinyl in single white sleeves. Please note this does NOT come with a printed album sleeve.
1. Lady Rawlinson's Lilt / Under The Sea (instrumental) [6:08]
2. Eggs Is Eggs (Nice n Tidy) [9:07]
3. The Pipes (Sir Henry) [2:53]
4. The Crackpot (instrumental) [1:11]
1. The Great Eating (instrumental) [2:31]
2. Buzzing (Hubert) [1:50]
3. Spreading His Light (Hubert and the Rev Slodden) [4:39]
4. Scrotum's Lullaby (Scrotum) [4:31]
5. Under The Sea (reprise) [1:15]
1. Cackling Gas / Under The Sea [5:05]
2. Octavia [4:04]
3. Cul-de-Sac (Mrs E) [4:35]
4. The Quiet That The Spider Knows (Aunt Florrie) [2:43]
5. Tour de Farce (instrumental) [0:41]
1. Entre Act (instrumental) [3:36]
2. Diplodocus v Concreton [3:18]
3. Achmedillo (Scrotum) [5:38]
4. Peristaltic Waves (The Patient) [2:30]