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Various Artists Southern Soul Shake 2CD
SSS International, along with its affiliates Silver Fox and Minaret, produced and released some of the finest Southern soul and deep soul recordings of the 60s. These two Charly albums 'Music City Soul' and 'SSS Soul Survey', originally released in 1978 and 1982, collect the finest of these tracks.  Both albums are making their debut on CD along with 18 bonus tracks.
SSS International Records was formed by Shelby Singleton in 1966. Singleton, the husband of the singer Margie Singleton, entered the music industry by promoting his wife but soon carved an illustrious career for himself, initially working for Mercury before branching out on his own with SSS International and eventually purchasing the legendary Sun Records.
Disc 1 Music City Soul:
1. Big Al Downing - Cornbread Row
2. Big Al Downing - Medley Of Soul
3. Peggy Scott & Jo Jo Benson - Pickin' Wild Mountain Berries
4. Peggy Scott & Jo Jo Benson - Big City Blues
5. Johnny Adams - Reconsider Me
6. Bettye Lavette - My Train's Coming In
7. Bettye Lavette - He  Made A Woman Out Of Me
8. T-Bone Walker - All Night Long
9. Wilbert Harrison - Let's Stick Together
10. Wilbert Harrison - From The Bottom Of My Heart
11. Gloria Taylor - You Gotta Pay The Price
12. Bettye Lavette & Hank Ballard - Let's Go, Let's Go, Let's Go
13. Mickey Murray - Shout Bamalama
14. Robert Parker - You See Me
15. Robert Parker - You Shakin' Things Up
16. Calvin Leavy Cummins - Prison Farm
Bonus Tracks:
17. Peggy Scott & Jo Jo Benson - Soulshake 
18. Johnny Adams Georgia - Morning Dew
19. Big Al Downing - These Arms You Push Away
20. Willie Charles Gray - I've  Really Got Something To Be Proud Of
21. Georgie Boy - The Pleasure Of My Woman
22. Peggy Scott - Every Little Bit Hurts
23. Willie Hobbs - Yes, My Goodness, Yes
24. Betty Harris - There's A Break In The Road
25. Willie Charles Gray - My Ancestors
Disc 2 SSS Soul Survey:
1. George Perkins & The Silver Stars - Cryin' In The Streets
2. Mickey Murray - Lonely Room
3. Willie Hobbs - The Game Of Love
4. Big John Hamilton - I Have No One
5. Reuben Bell - Action Speaks Louder Than Words
6. Eddie Giles - That's How Strong My Love Is
7. Big John Hamiltion - How Much Can A Man Take?
8. Big John Hamilton & Doris Allen - Them Changes
9. Clarence Murray - Baby, You Got It
10. Danny White - One Way Love Affair
11. Big John Hamilton - Lift Me Up
12. Johnny Adams - If I Could See You One More Time
13. Johnny Soul - Lonely Man
14. Reuben Bell - Too Late
15. Tommy Bush - (I Just Want) Some Leaving Alone
16. Big John Hamilton - Take This Hurt Off Me
Bonus Tracks:
17. Clifford Curry - Soul Ranger
18. Johnny Soul - I Almost Called Your Name
19. Big John Hamilton - Before The Next Teardrop Falls
20. Hank Ballard - Sunday Morning Coming Down
21. Doris Allen - A Shell Of A Woman
22. Danny White - Natural Soul Brother
23. Johnny Dynamite - The Night The Angels Cried
24. Doris Allen - Hanging Heavy In My Mind
25. Johnny Adams - Release Me