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Sehorn's Soul Farm - 50 New Orle Various Artsists 2CD
2 Rare Compilations From Allen Toussaint's New Orleans Label Previously Only Available On Vinyl - Now On Cd With Bonus Tracks.
In 1965 the famed talent scout and promotion man, Marshall Sehorn and the legendary producer/musician Allen Toussaint formed the Sansu label. Between them they completely revived the somewhat moribund New Orleans music scene of the mid to late sixties, signing the cream of the city's soul and R&B acts.
The bigger acts on Sansu such as Lee Dorsey and The Meters were leased to major labels but all of the local talent appeared on their own imprints including Sansu, Tou-Sea and Dee-Su.
The original 'Sehorn's Soul Farm' LP was released in 1982 and collected together 16 tracks recorded by Sansu. The original LP was part of a batch of four albums collecting together the more obscure releases of the soul music labels that Charly represented at the time. 
Now long out of print, the album has achieved iconic status over the years since its release as an important and influential document of New Orleans soul music and is still constantly referred to in various overviews of New Orleans soul. Volume Two was released in 1986 and also included many more little heard or previously unissued recordings. 
This is the first time that these albums have appeared on CD and come with 18 bonus tracks not on the original albums including tracks by Lee Dorsey, Betty Harris and The Meters as well as extra material from the talents who made the original albums so exciting.
Disc 1- Vol 1 
1. Warren Lee - Star Revue
2. Willie Harper - Why You Wanna Do It
3. John Williams - Blues Tears And Sorrow
4. Benny Spellman - Sinner Girl
5. Eldridge Holmes - Love Affair
6. Joe Haywood - Let's Make It
7. Curly Moore - Get Low Down
8. Aaron Neville - Hercules
9. Aaron Neville - Struttin' On Sunday
10. Warren Lee - Climb The Ladder
11. Curley Moore - Don't Pity Me
12. Sonny Fisher - Oh Love This Is Sonny
13. Earl King - All My Love (All My Love)
14. Willie Harper - That's What You Need
15. Diamond Joe - Gossip Gossip
16. Ernie K. Doe - Hotcha Mama
Bonus Tracks 
1. Willie West - Baby, Baby I Love You
2. Eldridge Holmes - A Love Problem
3. Warren Lee - Underdog Backstreet
4. Earl King - This Is What I Call Livin'
5. Lee Dorsey - Ride Your Pony
6. Betty Harris - Mean Man
7. The Meters - Cissy Strut
8. Willie Harper - I Don't Need You Anymore
9. Ernie K.Doe - I Can't Believe She Gave It All To Me
Disc 2 - Vol 2 
1. Eldridge Holmes - Lovely Woman
2. Diamond Joe - How To Pick A Winner
3. Willie West - Fair Child
4. Warren Lee - Just Like A Woman
5. Zilla Mayes - I Love You Still
6. Ironing Board Sam - Man Of The Street
7. Willie Harper - Here Come The Hurt Again
8. Ernie K. Doe - You Got To Love Me
9. Danny White - Natural Soul Brother
10. Curly Moore - Goodbye
11. Eldridge Holmes - Cheatin' Woman
12. Diamond Joe - Don't Set Me Back
13. Willie West - Did You Have Fun
14. Zilla Mayes - All I Want Is You
15. Joe Haywood - Sadie Mae
16. Ernie K.Doe - You Lie So Much
Bonus Tracks 
1. Earl King - A Mothers Love
2. Eldridge Holmes - An Open Letter (To My Love)
3. Warren Lee - A Lady (Deesu 302)
4. Diamond Joe - Look Way Back
5. Lee Dorsey - Get Out My Life, Woman
6. Betty Harris - I'm Evil Tonight
7. The Meters - Chicken Strut
8. Willie West - Keep You Mine
9. Ernie K Doe - Let Me Love You