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Various Artists Boys Can Be Mean 2CD
Following on the kitten heels of Charly's critically acclaimed Shangri-Las: Remember... and Red Bird Story, comes a stunning 2CD compilation of US Femme Pop gems from the Red Bird, Vee-Jay, Sound Stage 7, Black Pearl, Fire and Fury labels. Comprising solo thrushes and girl groups, R&B divas and teen angels, 'Boys Can Be Mean' is as sensational a set of 60s songbirds as one could hope to find.
The genre continues to influence and captivate contemporary pop and fashion; the late Amy Winehouse cited The Shangri-Las among her favourites, while Grammy Award-winning Adele's musical bloodline has much in common with white Soul singers such as Evie Sands and deep soul greats like Bessie Banks.
'Boys Can Be Mean' runs the gamut of teen emotion from despair to elation with stone classics such as 'Gettin' Mighty Crowded' (Betty Everett), 'Letter Full Of Tears' (Gladys Knight & The Pips), 'Please Don't Go' (Yvonne Carroll) with lesser-heard but no less-angsty contributions from Tracey Dey, Melinda Marx and The Clinger Sisters .
Combining collector's favourites with a helping of Hot 100 hits, this set also includes 14 rare recordings not previously available on CD plus several making their first official reissue release, among them Barbara Green, The Angelos and Judy Thomas. The set also features a hidden bonus track new-to-CD.
Disc One: 
1. BETTY EVERETT - Gettin' Mighty Crowded
2. THE BOUQUETS - Ain't That Love
3. EVIE SANDS - Take Me For A Little While
4. THE AD LIBS - On The Corner
5. THE RUBIES - Spanish Boy
6. THE ANGELOS - Backfield In Motion
7. THE GOODIES - Sophisticated Boom Boom
8. THE FABULETTES - Money (That's What I Want)
9. BARBARA GREEN - I Should Have Treated You Right
11. CATHY SAINT - Mr Heartbreak
12. KAREN KELLY - Nobody's Girl
14. THE DIXIE CUPS - Little Bell
16. THE SHANGRI-LAS - Love You More Than Yesterday
17. SHELLEY FABARES - I Know You'll Be There
18. BARBARA JACKSON - Second Best
19. THE BOUQUETS - Welcome To My Heart
20. CHI CHI McCAULEY - Memory Lane Without You
21. THE JELLY BEANS - Do Wah Diddy
22. THE DIXIE CUPS - People Say
23. ELLIE GREENWICH - Another Boy Like Mine
25. RODDIE JOY - Stop
26. LINDA MARTELL & THE ANGLOS - The Things I Do For You
27. THE SUNBEAMS - Sing A Song
28. THE SENSATIONS - That's What You Gotta Do
29. THE ANGELOS - Bad Motorcycle
30. SUGAR & THE SPICES - Boys Can Be Mean
Disc Two:
2. BETTY EVERETT - I Can't Hear You
3. THE RUBIES - Deeper
4. THE ANGELOS - Just Like Taking Candy From A Baby
5. THE BUTTERFLYS - Gee Baby Gee
6. THE JELLY BEANS - Here She Comes
7. THE AD LIBS - I'm Just A Down Home Girl
8. GLADYS KNIGHT & THE PIPS - Letter Full Of Tears
9. THE LOVEJOYS - Payin' For The Wrong I've Done
10. KAREN KELLY - He Passes By
11. MELINDA MARX - How I Wish You Came
12. TRACEY DEY - Jealous Eyes
13. EVIE SANDS - You Got Me Uptight
14. THE SHANGRI-LAS - Right Now And Not Later
15. THE DIXIE CUPS - I'm Gonna Get You Yet
16. THE PEARLETTES - Duchess Of Earl
17. LEOLA & THE LOVEJOYS - Wait 'Round The Corner
18. KELLI & THE KITTENS - Happy Town
19. THE JELLY BEANS - The Kind Of Boy You Can't Forget
20. SHELLEY FABARES - Lost Summer Love
21. THE GOODIES - The Dum Dum Ditty
22. THE FABULETTES - Try The Worryin' Way
23. BESSIE BANKS - It Sounds Like My Baby
24. RODDIE JOY - If There's Anything Else You Want (Let Me Know)
25. THE AVONS - Just As Long As I Live
26. THE INSPIRATIONS - What Am I Gonna Do With You, Hey Baby
27. LINDA JONES - You Hit Me Like TNT
28. YVONNE CARROLL - Please Don't Go
29. BARBARA GREEN - A Lover's Plea
30. JUDY THOMAS - Golden Records