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Format: CD
Artist: Various Artists
CatNo: BR006
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Various Artists The Central Element CD
'The Central Element' is a limited edition compilation album containing exclusive songs unavailable anywhere else by a gifted swathe of current British progressive artists.
The music is beautiful and far-reaching, each boasting inventive and unique compositions. In addition to Believers Roast artists Knifeworld, Redbus Noface and Thumpermonkey, 'The Central Element' features songs by William D Drake, Matt Stevens, Stars In Battledress, Sanguine Hum,  Admirals Hard and Arch Garrison . 'The Central Element' also contains a previously unreleased song by legendary 90's psychedelic group, The Monsoon Bassoon, from the forthcoming complete studio recordings box-set on Believers Roast.
Once sold out 'The Central Element' will not be re-pressed.
1. Stars In Battledress: Fluent English (3:37)
2. Knifeworld: In A Foreign Way (5:26)
3. William D Drake: Bond Of The Herd (5:06)
4. Thumpermonkey: Wheezyboy (4:40)
5. Sanguine Hum: The Eternal Abyss (Excerpt) (6:53)
6. Admirals Hard: Whip Jamboree (4:13)
7. Arch Garrison: Six Feet Under Yeah (4:02)
8. The Monsoon Bassoon: Siizdabedah (3:38)
9. Matt Stevens: Peccadillo (3:37)
10. Redbus Noface- Jack Blind Acid (4:36)