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Format: CD
Artist: Various Artists
CatNo: PGR01
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Various Artists Voices For Hospices cd
Voices For Hospices, from 2015, was the first release on Irish based Progressive Gears Records.
A charity CD to raise money for The World Hospice & Palliative Care Alliance, VfH brings together an intriguing collection of progressive rock artists - from established to indie - several of whom have offered unreleased material.
The legendary Steve Hackett uniquely contributes the piece Clusters. Also featuring Gandalf’s Fist and Edison's Children.
1. Steve Hackett - Clusters
2. Machines Dream - Trading Stars For Solitude**
3. Gandalf's Fist - A Painter Lost At Sea
4. Nathan J Tillett - Celestine*
5. Looking-Glass Lantern - The Light Before
6. Crystal Palace - Guarding The Spark
7. Maze of Sound - Man In The Balloon*
8. The Opposite of Hate - Made-up Reality
9. IT - Last Chance
10. Violent Attitude If Noticed - Blindness
11. Edison's Children - Haunted Memories*
12. Greylevel - Northern Flight
* previously released
** newly-recorded version