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Format: CD-R
Artist: UXB
CatNo: bshed0105
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cd-r Pete Morgan UXB White House Black Ash ambient chill-out
White House, Black Ash marks the 21st Century return of Pete Morgan's UXB project.
Adopting a more ethereal, stripped-down and atmospheric approach, White House, Black Ash effectively blends elements of Ambient and Chill-Out instrumental stylings with tight and hypnotic song-like structures.
Pitched somewhere between the more evocative aspects of Moby and the brooding textures of Eno, this high quality CD-R comes with deluxe Carl Glover full-colour artwork.
White House, Black Ash represents an inspired continuation of UXB's trademark melodic melancholia.
Ideal late-night listening.
white house, black ash
high desert area
atmosphere of a small place
los jameos del agua
mirador del rio
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