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Artist: UXB
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Burning Shed's very own Pete Morgan's electronic project UXB. Collected here for the first time is the best of the band's early 90's work. Part Ambient Symphony and part breakbeat science, UXB's muse rarely lost sight of the melody.
These tracks were mostly improvised 'live' to DAT and some were later edited for this collection.
1. urban mutant (v.1) (27/5/94)  (10.56)
2. still waters run deep (26/5/94)  (7.24)
3. carillons (18/9/94) (6.10)
4. the love of (v.3) (95) (4.36)
5. do i love you? (9/11/93, edit 08/01) (7.01)
6. hope springs  (95) (14.05)
7. urban mutant (v.2) (28/5/94)  (16.13)
music written, performed, produced, mixed and mastered by pete morgan
recorded at noisebox studios
copyright p. morgan 1994 - 2001
all rights reserved. made in the eec.
with a nod of thanks and respect to dominic varle
photography by carl glover
design by aleph