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Format: CD
Artist: Uriah Heep
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Uriah Heep The Magicians Birthday cd
2017 double cd reissue of Uriah Heep's 1972 studio album The Magician's Birthday. 
The band's fifth album has been remastered by Andy Pearce and now includes previously unreleased alternative mixes. 
01. Sunrise 
02. Spider Woman 
03. Blind Eye 
04. Echoes In The Dark 
05. Rain
06. Sweet Lorraine 
07. Tales
08. The Magician's Birthday 
01. Echoes In The Dark (Alternative Mix)
02. Sweet Lorraine (Alternative Mix)
03. Blind Eye (Alternative Mix)
04. Tales (Alternative Mix)
05. Silver White Man (Alternative Mix)
06. Sunrise (Alternative Mix)
07. Crystal Ball (Alternative Mix)
08. Spider Woman (Alternative Mix)
09. The Magician's Birthday (Alternative Mix)
10. Rain (Alternative Mix)
11. Silver White Man (inst) (Alternative Mix)
12. Happy Birthday (Alternative Mix)
13. Sunrise (Alt Single) (Alternative Mix)
14. Sweet Lorraine (Alt Single) (Alternative Mix)
15. Gary's Song (Alt Version) (Alternative Mix)