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Artist: Unholy
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Rapture Unholy CD Peaceville
Unholy, from Finland, formed in 1988 and were among the first doom metal bands from the country. In the band's earlier years, starting under the moniker of Holy Hell, their style began as more a black/death/doom metal mix but progressed to a style of atmospheric, experimental doom metal. Unholy recorded 4 albums throughout their career before disbanding in 2002 and leaving a legacy as a very influential and legendary act in the Finnish doom metal scene who are still highly respected today, alongside other classic Finnish acts such as Thergothon.
'Rapture' was the band's 3rd album, and was originally released in 1998.  Over the years it has become a strong fan favourite, and often considered a highlight of the band's career, as well as a cult release of Scandinavian doom. The tracks on 'Rapture' continued in the well-established and trademarked style of dark doom metal exploring sombre and often trance-like moods, combining eerie keyboard atmospherics with a thick wall of distorted guitar to great effect.
This edition of 'Rapture' features 2 bonus live tracks, including a live rendition of 'Petrified Spirits'.
1. Into Cold Light
2. Petrified Spirits
3. For The Unknown One
4. Wunderwerek
5. After God
6. Unzeitgeist
7. Wretched
8. Deluge
Bonus live tracks
9. Petrified Spirits
10. Covetous Glance