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Format: Vinyl
Artist: UFO
CatNo: 5060516095889_del
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UFO Strangers In The Night 2020 Remaster Double vinyl

Regarded by many as one of the finest live Rock albums of all time, Strangers in The Night captured UFO at its creative and commercial peak.

Originally released in 1979, the album was recorded during the band's October 1978 US tour,..

Remastered from the original masters by Andy Pearce.

180g double LP on black vinyl in gatefold.

Side A 
1. Natural Thing (2020 Remaster)
2. Out In The Street (2020 Remaster)
3. Only You Can Rock Me (2020 Remaster)
4. Doctor Doctor (2020 Remaster)
Side B 
1. Mother Mary (2020 Remaster)
2. This Kid's (2020 Remaster)
3. Love To Love (2020 Remaster)
Side C
1. Lights Out (2020 Remaster)
2. Rock Bottom (2020 Remaster)
Side D 
1. Too Hot To Handle (2020 Remaster)
2. I'm A Loser (2020 Remaster)
3. Let It Roll  (2020 Remaster)
4. Shoot Shoot (2020 Remaster)