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Format: Vinyl
Artist: U2
CatNo: 7792804
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U2 October Cream vinyl Limited Bono The Edge Larry Mullen

Enhanced by Steve Lilywhite's powerful production, U2's 'difficult second album' captures a band on the verge of greatness.

Includes Gloria, I Threw A Brick Through A Window and the haunting title track.

Limited cream vinyl edition.


During its recording both Bono and The Edge left the band temporarily, the album's original lyrics were pilfered before recording could commence, and this while the band were still on a very limited budget. As such, October stands as a testament to the four-piece's tenacity, if not to their ability to judge their audience's tastes.

October concerns itself in the main with things spiritual. All band members except Adam Clayton were avowed Christians and at this point the singer and guitarist still held doubts as to whether one could rock and get up close and personal with Jesus (hence the temporary exit). In the end they decided it was possible and as a result the album isn't shy with its references to rejoicing and exultation. 

1) Gloria 4:12
2) Fall Down 3:39
3) I Threw A Brick Through A Window 4:54
4) Rejoice 3:38
5) Fire 3:52
1) Tomorrow 4:39
2) October 2:21
3) With A Shout 4:02
4) Stranger In A Strange Land 3:56
5) Scarlet 2:53
6) Is That All? 3:01
Bass – Adam Clayton
Drums – Larry Mullen
Guitar, Piano – The Edge
Vocals – Bono