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Format: CD
Artist: Trifecta
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Trifecta The_New_Normal CD Nick_Beggs
Trifecta - the trio of bassist extraordinaire Nick BeggsAdam Holzman and rhythmic powerhouse Craig Blundell - returns to deliver a second album of virtuoso instrumental Prog come Funk (or Prunk / Frog, if you were to be so bold). 
Combining elements of Progressive Rock and Jazz Fusion with a dash of English wit, the band bring the listener into a world where sound is malleable, time is a mere concept and vegetables have otherworldly properties like the ‘Stroboscopic Fennel’. 
Joining the trio of masterful musos is Rush icon Alex Lifeson (on Once Around The Sun With You) and Theo Travis (on the insectoid grooves of Daddy Long Legs). 
The album was recorded in the Bermuda Triangle of normality that is Leighton Buzzard, Bedford and New York between 2019 and 2023. 
The New Normal was engineered by the band and mastered by Andy VanDette. The artwork was inspired by an original idea from Hajo Muller
CD in digipak.
1. Beck And Call [02:35]
2. Dot Are You Wooing? [00:53]
3. Stroboscopic Fennel [02:25]
4. Just Feel It Karen [03:53]
5. Sibling Rivalry [04:01]
6. Ornamental Lettuce [02:15]
7. Daddy Long Legs [04:07]
8. What Are You Doing? [00:53]
9. Stupid Pop Song [03:32]
10. Crime Spree [03:07]
11. Bach Stabber [02:07]
12. Kleptocrat [02:35]
13. Once Around The Sun With You [03:50]
14. Chinese Fire Drill [03:29]
15. Ouch! My OCD [01:17]
16. Wake Up Call [03:46]
17. Wacky Tobaccy [03:28]
18. Canary In A Five And Dime [03:55]
19. On The Spectrum [03:23]