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Format: Vinyl
Artist: Travis & Fripp
CatNo: TF131
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Travis Fripp Follow vinyl
Follow was Travis & Fripp's third collaboration.
Containing an entrancing collection of textures and ideas, the album also features So There which includes a guitar/saxophone call and response stomp featuring some of the most ferocious RF guitar soloing of the last decade. 
Mixed and mastered by Steven Wilson, this is the Tonefloat label black 180g vinyl edition presented in a gatefold picture sleeve with innerbags.
Side A
01. soaring and gliding 
02. dark clouds 
03. when the rains fall (alt take) 
Side B
04. hear our voices 
05. 1979 
06. open land 
07. forgotten days 
Side C
08. return to saturn 
09. rotary symmetrical 
10. so there 
11. vivid 17 
Side D
12. rhapsody on the theme from 'starless'
13. when the rains fall 
14. rotary symmetrical (alt take)