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Format: Vinyl
Artist: Toyah & The Humans
CatNo: DEMREC700
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Toyah and The Humans Sugar Rush Olive vinyl Toyah Willcox
2020 180g translucent olive vinyl version of Sugar Rush (2011), the second album by Toyah & The Humans (the trio of Toyah Willcox, Bill Rieflin and Chris Wong).
Containing 12 tracks that combine haunting soundscapes, edgy experiments and sweet melodies, Sugar Rush develops further the dynamic eclecticism of the band's debut with its accessible yet uncompromising approach.
The album features the magical touch of guest 'Human' Robert Fripp on all tracks.
1 Titanium Girl 3:14
2 Love In A Different Way 4:36
3 Sea Of Size 3:03
4 Pebble 3:51
5 Small Town Psychopath 4:53
6 Sweet Agitation 4:08
1 Playing In The Dark 3:28
2 Snow At 10:23 4:27
3 Sugar Rush 2:15
4 This Reasoning 4:53
5 Fragment Pool 3:53
6 Put A Woman On The Moon 2:29
Toyah Willcox: Vocals
Bill Rieflin: Bass, percussion, keyboards
Chris Wong: Bass, guitar
Guest Human
Robert Fripp: Guitar