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Artist: Tin Machine
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Tin Machine Tin Machine II CD David Bowie
Originally released by Victory Music in 1991, the underrated Tin Machine II is the second and final studio album by David Bowie's Tin Machine project (featuring Reeves Gabrels and the Sales' Brothers, Tony and Hunt).
The album’s cover (which was censored for its original USA release!) was created by Edward Bell, who had previously worked with Bowie on 1980's Scary Monsters.
1. Baby Universal
2. One Shot
3. You Belong In Rock N’ Roll
4. If There Is Something
5. Amlapura
6. Betty Wrong
7. You Can’t Talk
8. Stateside
9. Shopping For Girls
10. A Big Hurt
11. Sorry
12. Goodbye Mr. Ed
13. Hammerhead (Instrumental) (Hidden track/unlisted)