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Format: CD
Artist: Tim Finn & Phil Manzanera
CatNo: EXPCD42
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Tim Finn Phil Manzanera The Ghost Of Santiago CD

The Ghost Of Santiago is the second collaboration album from Tim Finn (Split Enz / Crowded House) and Phil Manzanera (Roxy Music / 801).

The songs span a range of styles and genres: rock, pop, prog, Latin, classical, chamber orchestral etc. No genre is off limits. 

More essential adventures in sound and song from two legends of British and New Zealand music.

CD in digipak.


Featuring 10 tracks, like its predecessor The Ghost Of Santiago was conceived during lockdown. 
Working in their home studios some 12,000 miles apart, Finn and Manzanera jointly wrote over 20 new songs, finding the time and space of a pandemic-restricted life leading to an incredible period of artistic creativity. There was no end goal in sight, just the sheer pleasure of two old friends making music together.  
This artistic freedom has produced songs that live in the moment. They are a moving and inspiring testament to a great singer-songwriter and composer-guitarist coming together in cyber-space and seeing where the music takes them.  
1. Space Cannibal
2. Our Love
3. Llanto
4. The Ghost Of Santiago
5. Esperando La Caida
6. Costeno
7. Rosemullion Head
8. Mal Sueno
9. Falling Asleep
10. Curtain Call