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Format: cd
Artist: Tim Bowness/Peter Chilvers
Availability: 24-04-2020
CatNo: BSHED2003-BSHED2002
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Tim Bowness Peter Chilvers Modern Ruins CaliforniaNorfolk bundle
A bundle of the CDs Modern Ruins and California, Norfolk by Tim Bowness and Peter Chilvers.
Comes with a signed postcard.
18 years after the duo’s debut California, Norfolk, Tim Bowness and Peter Chilvers return with the exquisite melancholy of Modern Ruins.
Mixed by the legendary Peter Hammill, the album alternates between fragile piano-led songs and atmospheric Electronica-infused pieces which take the duo’s music to new levels of accomplishment.
CD in rigid matt-finish Japanese-style card sleeve.
A 2020 double CD in jewel case reissue of California, Norfolk the debut album from Tim Bowness and Peter Chilvers featuring Michael Bearpark’s 2013 remaster of the original album, plus Overstrand (a collection of alternate versions), unreleased material earmarked for a follow-up album, and an EP's worth of live performances..
Burning Shed's first ever official cd release (in 2002), and available online only, the album’s two previous pressings have long been sold out.  
Combining electronic textures and found sounds with panoramic arrangements and poignant lyrics, the album's synthesis of singer-songwriter intimacy and imaginative production values distinctively echoes aspects of The Blue Nile, Steve Reich, Laurie Anderson, Nick Drake, Peter Gabriel, and Brian Eno's work.
From the orchestral sweep of Hostage to the cinematic ambition of the 10 minute Winter With You via the slow-building intensity of Days Turn Into Years, the album forms a coherent suite of musical short stories that rates amongst the duo's strongest work.


Modern Ruins
1) Sleeping Face (4.08)
2) The Boy From Yesterday (6.23)
3) You, Making Your Move (1.58)
4) Blog Remember Me (5.40)
5) The Love Is Always There (3.38)
6) Cowboys In Leather (3.43)
7) Slow Life To Fade (7.32)
8) Ghost In The City (7.18)
california, norfolk 
1. hostage (6.02) 
2. california, norfolk (3.05) 
3. post-its (5.01) 
4. chant one (3:46) 
5. also out of air (2.23) 
6. days turn into years (4:55) 
7. rocks on the green (3:53) 
8. winter with you (10.10) 
9. dreamer's song (5:32)
overstrand - alternate versions and extras
1. winter with you (alternate) (11.40) 
2. post-its (alternate) (4.33) 
3. sorry looking soldier (alternate) (6.24) 
4. pear (4.29) 
5. days turn into years (alternate) (8.33) 
6. rocks on the green (alternate) (5.04) 
7. chant five (2.44) 
8. world of bright futures (alternate) (5.26)
sidestrand - missing pieces
9. criminal caught in the crime (13.43)
10. another world (edit) (3.38)
winterton - live songs
11. california, norfolk (niguliste, tallinn, estonia, 3rd december 2010) (2.57)
12. post-its (the ski lodge, norwich, united kingdom, 14th march 2003) (3.17)
13. dreaming of babylon (black swan, toronto, canada, 26th april 2003) (4.20)
14. sorry looking soldier (black swan, toronto, canada, 26th april 2003) (3.42)