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Format: Vinyl
Artist: Tim Bowness & Giancarlo Erra
CatNo: KSCOPE1118
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Tim Bowness_Giancarlo Erra Memories Of Machines Double vinyl
An expanded and remixed 10th Anniversary version of Tim Bowness and Giancarlo Erra’s 2011 album Warm Winter (now issued as Memories Of Machines, the original project name). 
Featuring contributions from Robert FrippPeter HammillJulianne ReganJim MatheosColin EdwinHuxflux NettermalmPeter ChilversAleksei Saks and members of Nosound and Tim Bowness’s live bands, the album contains 10 sweeping and majestic songs (culminating in the epic “At The Centre Of It All”).
The double vinyl version includes two 2020 recordings - an album outtake and a new version of the Nosound piece “Someone Starts To Fade Away” - created especially for this release.
Featuring a 2021 remix from the original tapes by Giancarlo Erra, this new edition emphasises the textural nature of the music and restores the pieces to their original arrangements and track lengths (resulting in a different listening experience).  
The artwork has also been overhauled for this release by Giancarlo Erra and Caroline Traitler.
Purchases through Burning Shed come with a download of the original Steven Wilson 2011 mix plus the mp3, flac stereo and flac surround of the 2021 Giancarlo Erra mix upon release date (available in Your Account).
1. New Memories Of Machines [1:25]
2. Before We Fall (5:10]
3. Beautiful Songs You Should Know [5:37]
4. Warm Winter [6:00]
1. Lucky You Lucky Me [4:26]
2. Change Me Once Again [5:46]
3. Something In Our Lives [4:08]
4. Lost And Found In The Digital World [5:25]
1. Schoolyard Ghosts [4:53]
2. At The Centre Of It All [9:49]
1. Dreamless Days (outtake) (2020 TBGE) [4:31]
2. Someone Starts To Fade Away (2020 TBGE) (4:51)