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Format: CD
Artist: Tilt
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Tilt Hinterland cd
Over 5 years in the making, Hinterland is the long-awaited debut release from Tilt. 
Band members Robin Boult, David Stewart and Steve Vantsis are best known for recording, writing and touring with Fish, with Vantsis being responsible for most of the arranging and writing on the acclaimed albums, 13th Star and Feast Of Consequences. 
On Hinterland, the trio are augmented by guitarist Paul Humphreys, singer PJ Dourley, and guest performers John Beck (It Bites) and John Mitchell (Lonely Robot/It Bites), who also mixed the album.
The CD is presented in an embossed digipak with a 12 page booklet.
'Hinterland is an original take on Progressive Rock that is unforgettable and powerful.' - METAL NEXUS
'You have a new item for your shopping list. If you want Prog for a brave new world then this is for you. It will be in my top 10 of 2016 and its only June.' - PROGRADAR
'Tilt's debut is worth every minute of your time.' - THE PROG MIND
1. _Assembly (8:58)
2. Hinterland (8:01)
3. Against the Rain (5:06)
4. No Superman (4:22)
5. Growing Colder (6:19)
6. Strontium Burning (5:05)
7. Bloodline (9:03)
8. Disassembly_ (9:16)