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Format: Vinyl
Artist: Tiger Moth Tales
CatNo: PLG099
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Tiger Moth Tales The Whispering of the World_Stil 2LP
A limited 140g vinyl release combining the two most recent TMT albums The Whispering Of The World and Still Alive.
The Whispering Of The World, recorded in January 2020, features Pete Jones at the grand piano with a string quartet.
”It was amazing to work with string players. The songs are all based on memories of significant personal moments, with themes of appreciation of nature, dealing with depression, good times spent with those we love, and coming to terms with both losing those close to us and our own mortality and place in the universe.”
Still Alive was written in May 2020 and recorded by Jones at his home during the lockdown.
“This album started with the title track, which I initially wrote as a song for our village in these concerning times.  There are different moods in the songs, inspired by my own alternating feelings. From visions of a doomed world and a growing tone of madness, to a desire to see the positives and the spirit of endurance and survival. I think as companion pieces, these two albums work very well and it’s great to see them together on this double vinyl.”
Presented in a wide-spine cover with a lyric insert and limited to just 300 copies, the audio has been optimised to give the widest possible dynamic range.
Purchases through Burning Shed come with a download of full album upon release date (available in Your Account).
The Whispering Of The World
Side 1
Taking the Dawn (5:20)
The Whispering of the World (5:52)
Sweeter Than Wine (3:33)
Quiet Night (9:02)
Side 2
A Town by the Sea (4:48)
Blackbird (3:40)
Waving, Drowning (5:58)
Lost to the Years (8:57)
Still Alive
Side 3
Still Alive (5:06)
The Mighty Fallen (7:27)
Golden (5:58)
Side 4
Lean Into The Madness (2:56)
Whistle Along (7:21)
Still Alive (Reprise) (3:20)
Hygge (6.31)
Feels Alright (3.02)