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Format: CD
Artist: Three Trapped Tigers
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Three Trapped Tigers Silent Earthling cd
Three Trapped Tigers second album Silent Earthling is its first for the Superball label. 
Shimmering sci-fi explorations and rich cinematic landscapes collide with pulsing electronics, mammoth riffs and pounding drums to make one of the most enjoyable and inventive instrumental Rock albums of the decade.
Using Oblique Strategies, Brian Eno and Karl Hyde worked with the band during the album's writing stages (an experiment so successful that TTT's keyboard player Tom Rogerson is currently working on a collaborative album with Eno).
Emotionally rich and warm, yet also dystopian and haunted, Silent Earthling is both gracefully intelligent and wildly primal. 
1. Silent Earthling (5:33)
2. Strebek (5:35)
3. Kraken (5:02)
4. Blimp (4:42)
5. Engrams (5:19)
6. Tekkers (5:11)
7. Hemisphere (5:47)
8. Rainbow Road (4:52)
9. Elsewhere (5:04)