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Artist: Thine
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In 2002, Thine returned after a four year hiatus with the critically acclaimed 'In Therapy'.
Formed in 96 by singer Alan & guitarist Paul. The road to success was written in stone for the young band with the release of the much-acclaimed 'Journey's' cassette EP on the Black Tears label.
Peaceville had been keeping an eye on the bands' development from the start and during the summer months of '97, Thine entered into talks with Peaceville, which led to their eventual signing in October '97.
November '97 saw the band supporting Mayhem on their UK tour and by the beginning of 1998 gracing Academy Studio's for the third time to record their debut album 'A Town Like This'. 
The band enjoyed varied shows and dates with a broad range of headline acts, from Anathema to Misery Loves Company. 'In Therapy' saw the band reach an impressive level of maturity.
The band's renowned angst & existentialism was still intact, but the Black Metal influence in the music had been replaced by a more sophisticated sound echoing Anathema and Manic Street Preachers.
1.Best Kept Secret
3.In Therapy
4.Homewrecker Extraordinaire
5.Never Learn
6.Contact Point
7.In Red Rooms
8.Last Better Day
9.Deny Everything
10.The Bar
12.Bleaker Audio