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Format: CD
Artist: Thieves Kitchen
CatNo: TKCD001
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Thieves_Kitchen Head CD

Head, Thieves' Kitchen's debut album from 2000 has its roots firmly in rock, but ripples with Fusion styles and Symphonic structures.

Crunchy guitars, powerful male vocals and a solid rhythm section conjure a sound that is as close to Metal as TK have been.

CD in jewel case.

1. Mute 16:01
2. Time 7:15
3. The Return Of The Ultragravy 11:00
4. Integrity 9:10
5. T.A.N.U.S. 19:30
Simon Boys (vocals), 
Phil Mercy (guitar), 
Wolfgang Kindl (keyboards), 
Paul Beecham (bass), 
Mark Robotham (drums)