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Artist: The Shangri-Las
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The Shangri-Las Remember 2CD Charly

The Shangri-Las' tough girl demeanour was the perfect counterpoint to their bittersweet songs of loss, longing and teenage angst. Formed in 1963 in Queens, New York the group comprised two sets of sisters; Mary and Betty Weiss and twins Marguerite (Marge) and Mary Ann Ganser. 

The band had the first of five US Top 30 hits in summer 1964 with 'Remember (Walking In The Sand)', complete with seagull sound effects which were to become songwriter/producer George 'Shadow' Morton's signature touch. The follow-up 'Leader Of The Pack', a death disc par excellence penned by Red Bird Records' in-house songwriters Ellie Greenwich and Jeff Barry, secured the US No.1 spot later that year and earned the girls notoriety when it was initially banned by the BBC for being too morbid. Even so, the song made the UK charts on three separate occasions peaking at No.3 when it was reissued in 1972. Their edgy, proto-Punk image, melodramatic songs and readily identifiable sound underscored by Mary's plaintive vocals have gone on to influence scores of artists including Blondie, Aerosmith, Sonic Youth, The Horrors and Amy Winehouse.
This deluxe two disc digibook set draws together all of the Shangri-Las' Red Bird recordings including in-concert material, stereo and alternate versions, radio spots plus Shadow Morton's deadpan demo of 'Dressed In Black'. With in-depth liners by acclaimed Shangs' authority and Goldmine writer Dennis Garvey, this memorabilia-laden set offers all the hits and collector's gems in one must-have package.
Disc 1 
1. Remember (Walkin' In The Sand) [stereo]
2. It's Easier To Cry
3. Leader Of The Pack [stereo]
4. What Is Love?
5. Give Him A Great Big Kiss [stereo]
6. Bull Dog
7. Right Now And Not Later
8. The Train From Kansas City [stereo]
9. Never Again
10. Give Us Your Blessings
11. Heaven Only Knows
12. Sophisticated Boom Boom
13. I'm Blue
14. Out In The Streets
15. The Boy
16. What's A Girl Supposed To Do
17. The Dum Dum Ditty
18. You Cheated, You Lied
Disc 2 
1. Remember (Walkin' In The Sand) [long version]
2. Twist And Shout *
3. Maybe *
4. So Much In Love *
5. Shout *
6. Good Night, My Love (Pleasant Dreams) *
7. You Can't Sit Down *
8. Long Live Our Love
9. He Cried
10. Dressed In Black
11. Past, Present And Future
12. Paradise
13. Love You More Than Yesterday
14. Give Him A Great Big Kiss [stereo, alt. version]
15. Radio Spot Revlon #1 How Pretty Can You Get?
16. Radio Spot Good Taste Tip Gift Receiving
17. Radio Spot Revlon #2 Natural Wonder
18. Radio Spot Good Taste Tip Dating Courtesy
19. Dressed In Black [Shadow Morton demo]
* Live recording