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Format: CD
Artist: The Humans
CatNo: HUMCD02
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Robert Fripp Sugar Rush The Humans CD
Sugar Rush is the second album by The Humans (the trio of Toyah Willcox, Bill Rieflin and Chris Wong).
Containing 12 tracks that combine haunting soundscapes, edgy experiments and sweet melodies, 'Sugar Rush' develops further the dynamic eclecticism of the band's debut with its accessible yet uncompromising approach.
The album features the magical touch of guest 'Human' Robert Fripp on all tracks.
The cd includes a code enabling access to free downloads of live tracks recorded at the Scala in February 2010.
'Sugar Rush has hints of a psychedelic sound with a grungy heart. There is enough experimentation to keep things feeling alive and never stagnant.
'A hybrid of haunting and sweet, this album intrigues from start to finish.' - Review, September 2011
1. Titanium Girl (3:14)
2. Love In A Different Way (4:35)
3. Sea Of Size (3:03)
4. Pebble (3:51)
5. Small Town Psychopath (4:53)
6. Sweet Agitation (4:08)
7. Playing In The Dark (3:27)
8. Snow At 10:23 (4:27)
9. Sugar Rush (2:15)
10. This Reasoning (4:53)
11. Fragment Pool (3:52)
12. Put A Woman On The Moon (2:28)
Bonus Track:
13. Small Town Psychopath (Full Mix Version) (4:37)
Bonus tracks accessed by code:
1. Labyrinth 
2. Is It Wrong 
3. Put A Woman On The Moon 
All recorded live at the Scala (London) in February 2010.
Toyah Willcox: Vocals
Bill Rieflin: Bass, percussion, keyboards
Chris Wong: Bass, guitar
Guest 'Human': Robert Fripp
Recorded by Tom McFall at The Old Smithy, Worcester
Additional recording by Don Gunn at The Office & Two Sticks, Seattle
Mixed by Don Gunn & Bill Rieflin at The Office
Mix Engineer: Don Gunn
Mastered by John McCaig at Panic
Produced by Bill Rieflin
All songs written by Rieflin / Willcox / Wong
except 8 written by Willcox & arranged by Rieflin
All songs published by Woman On The Moon Publishing
Dedicated to Beric
Cover painting: John Dempcy
Strange Fruit illustration: Toyah Willcox
Art Direction: Craig Astley
Artwork Package: