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Artist: The Curator
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The_Curator Sometime_Soon CD Alistair Murphy
A linked suite of focused songs and wayward instrumentals Sometime Soon tells the story of a 50 year old museum curator who, over 30 years outside the music industry, has quietly honed his maverick talents. 
Following his work on the acclaimed Judy Dyble album Talking With Strangers (co-produced and co-written with No-Man's Tim Bowness), Alistair Murphy's frequently surprising debut solo album features contributions from Julianne Regan, Judy Dyble, Steve Bingham and Pat Mastellotto (King Crimson), amongst others.
Fusing elements of classic 1970s singer-songwriters (Hammill, Sarstedt, Al Stewart etc) with Contemporary Classical experimentation and a truly Progressive sense of scope, Sometime Soon is an original combination of the accessible and the extreme, the sweet and the dissonant.
An ambitious statement neither fish nor fowl, and all the better for it.
1. On The Great North Road (3:53)
2. Till The End (5:10)
3. The Winter's Edge (2:29)
4. Stuck In Traffic (2:23)
5. If Time Allows Us To (7:57)
6. On The Spanish Main (2:19)
7. A Fool's Errand (2:28)
8. The Leaves Come Down (2:29)
9. Not Us (6:55)
10. And If And When (4:05)
11. The World Has Been Turned Into Water (3:47)
12. Sometime Soon (3:38)