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Artist: The Curator
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The_Curator Inside_The_Whale CD Alistair Murphy
By day, a mild Norfolk museum curator and by night a be-caped purveyor of sophisticated excess, Alistair Murphy's second solo album finds the eccentric keeper of antiquities in fully-fledged Orchestral Rock mode. 
Consisting of one twenty minute side-long spanning epic and four shorter pieces, the album revels in its non-digital-era arrangements and 1970s influenced sense of scale. 
Orchestrated by Phil Toms and featuring the Ely Sinfonia conducted by Steve Bingham, 'Inside The Whale' also includes the ever-versatile Pat Mastelotto on drums. 
Developing further the musical and lyrical themes that marked his quirky debut 'Sometime Soon', 'Inside The Whale' evokes singer-songwriter, Progressive and 20th Century Classical styles. 
A modern man adrift in the modern world using modern technology to make a traditional statement of grand intent, The Curator is a fascinating anachronism; not quite of this time or any other. 
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1. Inside The Whale (20.38)
2. Snakes And Ladders (7.43)
3. The Warmth Of My Pillow (3.48)
4. Courtiers (5.42)
5. First One Home (4.40)