The title track, Living For Tomorrow, delivers another of The Afterthought's characteristically self-analytical set of lyrics and showcases all of their trademarks sounds. Acoustic guitars and percussion help to drive the programmed drums and bass, while the melody is supplied by piano, harmonica, classical guitar picking and nagging electric lead lines.
TV: Drunken Sailor Mix is an instrumental track, based on a live jam recording. This is the band in playful mode, making good use of an old acoustic piano and a delay line.
Machine Z, another instrumental track, begins with a series of wave-like washes of noise and irregular electronic noises, suggesting something slightly alien and industrial. Like many of The Afterthought's pieces, the machine soon gets going, taking the listener on a full tour of the factory.
16bit/44.1kHz Flac
1) Living For Tomorrow (4:53)
2) TV: Drunken Sailor Mix (4:20)
3) Machine Z (5:26)
All words and Music by the Afterthought.
Performed, recorded and produced by Tom Flint and Colin Williams.
Released by Wooden Fish Ltd