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It Was Not Here is the debut album from Tom Flint and Colin Williams; the duo who comprise The Afterthought.
The majority of the songs on It Was Not Here feature prominent electric guitars and vocals, underpinned by programmed synth lines and drum patterns. These core elements are frequently augmented by acoustic percussion and guitar, providing the music with an intriguing mix of the traditional and the contemporary. 
The band's heavy use of signature keyboard, guitar and vocal sounds, combined with an intentionally understated production, give the album an identity occasionally reminiscent of the UK's eclectic post-punk new wave scene of the late 1970s. 
Although tracks such as Here And Yesterday and Product Of Today, are lyrically very dark, humour is never far from the surface. The tongue-in-cheek Legs, for example, deals with lust and desire, celebrating the feelings but noting the absurdity of them at the same time. Dreaming By Gaslight is playful, and Reworking The Mind - the song which provides the album's title is abstract and surreal.
The contrasting vocal, performing and writing styles of Flint and Williams combine to great effect throughout the album. Both artists contribute to all aspects of the production, but to varying degrees on each song, so as the album progresses, a new balance is reached. In short, the recipe is always different which results in an exciting fusion of musical ideas and performances.
16bit/44.1kHz Flac
1. Trial Of An Argument (4.32)
2. Here and Yesterday (3.13)
3. Legs(4.12)
4. Enlightenment (3.22)
5. 3 Minutes (5.27)
6. Reworking The Mind (3.32)
7. Take Me To Infinity (3.54)
8. Product Of Today (3.06)
9. Dreaming By Gaslight (4.45)
10. Goodtime Girl (3.39)
11. Worms (2.21)
12. This Knife (5.42)
13. Lovers Of Hate (3.30)
14. Inbetweenie (4.09)
15. Dog On A Stick (3.42)
16. Life Of The Moment (1.44)
Engineer: Tom Flint, Colin Williams
Producer: Tom Flint, Colin Williams
Mastering: Ray Staff
All instruments: Tom Flint, Colin Williams
Sleeve design and artwork by Flint/Williams. Sleeve layout by Williams.
Colin Williams:
Lead Vocal
Backing vocals
Keyboard and synth programming
Sequencer programming
Victorian piano
Sound effects
Sound balancing and instrument mixing
Tom Flint:
Backing vocals and harmonies
Some lead vocals
Acoustic and electric guitars
Guitar effects
Keyboard and synth programming
Sequencer programming
Master mixing
Acoustic percussion