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Format: Vinyl
Artist: The Youth & Ben Watkins
CatNo: JAMS36
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The Youth and Ben Watkins The Empty Quarter Vinyl

The music to the Jonathan Moore play 'Street Captives' by The Youth & Ben Watkins.

Single vinyl in gatefold sleeve.

Please note this has a few marks and some edge wear. Sold as seen, no returns.

1 Incompressible Megalasaurians 2:27
2 Wet Work 4:00
3 Three Go Down To Brighton 3:22
4 Repulsion 6:06
1 Gizzy Headed Buzzards 3:55
2 Basket Case 4:11
3 Sloeboe 4:13
4 Essence Of A Thousand Kisses 6:08
Youth, bass, percussion, keyboards
Ben Watkins, keyboards, drums, guitar
Adam Peters, cello
Kate St. John, oboe
Steve Irwin, percussion