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Format: CD
Artist: The Windmill
CatNo: CR240047CD
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The_Windmill Mindscapes CD
Mindscapes is the 4th album by celebrated Norwegian symphonic progressive band The Windmill
Comprising four tracks, including the epic Fear, the album takes inspiration from the likes of Camel, Genesis, and Jethro Tull
Mixed and mastered by Karl Groom (Threshold).
1. Fear (22:47)
2. Calton Hill (4:55)
3. I Still Care (6:52)
4. Nothing In Return (5:55)
Arnfinn Isaksen: Bass guitar
Stig André Clason: Lead guitar
Erik Borgen: Guitars, Lead vocals
Jean Robert Viita: Keyboards, Backing vocals
Morten L. Clason: Flutes, Saxophone, Backing vocals
Nils Harsem: Drums
Other credits
Kristoffer Utby: Drums on album
Emil Olsen: Acoustic guitar on Fear
Karl Groom: Mixing and mastering
Stig André Clason: Design
Kirsten Knoph Viita: Artwork