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Format: Vinyl
Artist: The Wake
CatNo: FBN29
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The Wake Harmony Triple vinyl 40th Anniversary
A 2022 triple vinyl edition of Harmony, the debut album by influential Factory label group The Wake
Originally released in December 1982, this expanded edition marks the 40th anniversary of this landmark post-punk release. Featuring rare extras including Peel sesssions..
Bonus tracks on LP 2 include The Wake’s dub-informed second single, Something Outside b/w Host, and also their John Peel session from July 1983 – the last recordings to feature Gillespie before his departure for The Jesus and Mary Chain and Primal Scream.
LP 3 offers a desk recorded live set from Ayr Pavilion on 15 April 1983 during a tour with New Order. The concert includes several songs never recorded in the studio, including Recovery and Country of the Blind.
The enhanced trifold artwork for this new edition includes images of the band by noted photographer Paul Slattery, taken at the Mitchell Library in Glasgow, as well as new liner notes by Caesar. 
1. Favour
2. Heartburn
3. An Immaculate Conception
4. Judas
1. Testament
2. Patrol
3. The Old Men
4. Chance
1. Something Outside
2. Host
1. The Drill (Peel)
2. Uniform (Peel)
3. Here Comes Everybody (Peel)
1. Heartburn (live)
2. Host (live)
3. Recovery (live)
4. Uniform (live)
1. The Old Men (live)
2. Something Outside (live)
3. Country of the Blind (live)
4. The Drill (live)