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Format: CD
Artist: The Tea Party
CatNo: 19439926832
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The Tea Party Blood Moon Rising CD Limited

With a career spanning over three decades and nine major-label releases, 2021 marks the thirtieth anniversary of Canada’s remarkable trio The Tea Party

Blood Moon Rising is the European follow-up to the acclaimed The Ocean At The End (2014).

Featuring material written over the course of the last 5-years in Canada and Australia, Blood Moon Rising couples 2019’s self-released Black River EP with a selection of fascinating new compositions for this release.

Limited digipak CD edition with three bonus tracks.

1. Black River 00:02:56
2. Way Way Down 00:02:52
3. Sunshower 00:03:58
4. So Careless 00:03:22
5. Our Love 00:04:36
6. Hole In My Heart 00:03:22
7. Shelter 00:03:55
8. Summertime 00:02:57
9. Out On The Tiles 00:03:36 * Led Zeppelin Cover Version
10. The Beautiful 00:04:35
11. Blood Moon Rising (Wattsy’s Song) 00:04:20
12. Isolation 00:03:57 * Joy Division Cover Version
13. Everyday Is Like Sunday 00:03:35 * Morrissey Cover Version
14. Way Way Down (Bonus Live Version) 00:03:17