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Format: CD
Artist: The Tangent
CatNo: 19439776012
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The Tangent Auto Reconnaissance CD
2020’s Prog tour-de-force from The Tangent includes a 28 minutepiece about the band's home country of England, laden with orchestration, instrumental dexterity, strong melodies and Andy Tillison's trademark story-telling at its best.
Limited edition CD in digipak (incl, bonus track).
1 Life On Hold 00:05:34
2 Jinxed In Jersey 00:15:59
3 Under Your Spell 00:05:51
4 The Tower Of Babel 00:04:36
5 Lie Back & Think Of England 00:28:24
6 The Midas Touch 00:05:54
7 Proxima (Bonus Track) 00:12:30