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Format: Vinyl
Artist: The Tangent
CatNo: MOVLP3081C
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The Tangent A Place In The Queue Coloured vinyl Andy Tillison
With A Place In The Queue, The Tangent offered a remarkable loosely conceptual work featuring two twenty minute plus epics.
Theo Travis, Jonas Reingold and Guy Manning join (Tangent leader, singer, songwriter and keyboardist) Andy Tillison in creating an album that embraces the genuinely Progressive along with traditional Prog Rock instrumentation and sonic adventure.
Available as a limited edition of 750 individually numbered copies on green and black marbled vinyl
Double 180g vinyl in gatefold sleeve containing inner sleeves and a 4-page booklet with lyrics and liner notes.
1. In Earnest (20:03) :
- i) The Radio Amateur
- ii) Worthy Of Memory Part 1
- iii) Demobilized
- iv) Dehumanized
- v) Flights Of Fancy
- vi) Worthy Of Memory Part 2
- vii) The Silent Key (Instrumental)
- viii) Earnest Dreams of 617
- ix) Some Crazy Old Guy
- x) In Earnest
1. Lost In London (8:08)
2. DIY Surgery (2:16)
3. GPS Culture (10:07)
1. Follow Your Leaders ( 9:21)
2. The Sun In My Eyes (3:44)
1. A Place In The Queue (25:19) :
- i) Silent Screams (Instrumental)
- ii) Two For The Queue (Part One)
- iii) Shaping The Line (Instrumental)
- iv) Heirarchies
- v) The Escher Staircase
- vi) An 'Elping Hand (Instrumental)
- vii) Two For The Queue (Part Two)
- viii) The Escher Staircase (Reprise)