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Format: cd
Artist: The Stranglers
CatNo: 0190295892463
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The Stranglers Meninblack Hugh Cornwell cd

A 2018 Rhino label 'Classic Collection' reissue of The Stranglers’ conceptual 1980 release The Raven

Featuring the original album alongside non-album singles, B-sides and select rarities.

1. Waltzinblack
2. Just Like Nothing On Earth
3. Second Coming
4. Waiting For The Meninblack
5. Turn The Centuries Turn
6. Two Sunspots
7. Four Horsemen
8. Thrown Away
9. Manna Machine
10. Hallow To Our Men
11. Who Wants The World? – Single
12. The Meninblack (Waiting For ‘Em) – B-side of Who Wants The World?
13. Top Secret – B-side of Thrown Away
14. Maninwhite – B-side of Just Like Nothing On Earth
15. Vietnamerica – Non album track
16. Tomorrow Was The Hearafter – A-Side of Stranglers Information Service Single
17. G.m.b.H – Extended Version of Bear Cage which appeared on the US IRS album IV