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Format: Vinyl
Artist: The Stranglers
CatNo: 4050538828658
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The Stranglers Feline Deluxe Coloured double vinyl
A deluxe and expanded 40th anniversary edition of The StranglersFeline.
A sensuous and textural departure for the band, this 2LP edition features bonus tracks and rarities and is pressed on red and translucent marbled vinyl.  
Side A 
1. Midnight Summer Dream
2. It’s A Small World
3. Ships That Pass In The Night
4. The European Female (In Celebration Of)
Side B 
1. Let’s Tango In Paris
2. Paradise
3. All Roads Lead To Rome
4. Blue Sister
5. Never Say Goodbye
Side C 
1. The European Female (Radio Edit)
2. Midnight Summer Dream (Special Single Mix)
3. Paradise (7” Edit)
4. Pawsher
5. Permission
Side D
1. Midnight Summer Dream (Special 12” Mix)
2. Savage Breast
3. Vladimir & Olga
4. Aural Sculpture Manifesto