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Format: Vinyl
Artist: The Sea Within
CatNo: 19075854591
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The Sea Within The Sea Within Progressive double vinyl
The astonishing talents of guitarist/vocalist Roine Stolt, bassist Jonas Reingold, keyboard player/vocalist Tom Brislin, drummer/vocalist Marco Minnemann and vocalist/guitarist Daniel Gildenlöw join forces both in and on The Sea Within.
Special guests include Jordan Rudess (Dream Theater), Yes legend Jon Anderson, Casey McPherson, and Rob Townsend.
Stolt says, “People have asked me how I would describe what we have done, and it is almost impossible. Our tastes are very eclectic – from Prog to Jazz to Classical, to Heavy Rock, Folk, Punk, Electronica and Pop. We all come from different backgrounds - so everything goes (with great melodies and hooks plus the rawness of Metal, improvisations, symphonic and movie soundtracks!)."
Double 180g vinyl in gatefold with two CDs. 
1 Ashes of Dawn 6:00
2 They Know my Name 5:10
3 The Void 4:55
4 An Eye For An Eye For an Eye 7:00
1 Goodbye 5:30
2 Broken Cord 14:20
1 Sea Without 2:27
3 The Hiding of Truth 5:30
2 The Roaring Silence 8:00
1 Where are you Going? 5:50
2 Time 7:12
3 Denise 5:10
CD 1
1. Ashes of Dawn
2. They Know my Name
3. The Void
4. An Eye For An Eye For an Eye
5. Goodbye
6. Sea Without
7. Broken Cord
8. The Hiding of Truth
CD 2 - Bonus Material
1. The Roaring Silence
2. Where are you Going?
3. Time
4. Denise