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Format: Vinyl
Artist: The Residents
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The_Residents Eskimo_pREServed Double_vinyl
An expanded double vinyl edition of The Residents' legendary 1979 album Eskimo.
Presented with an accompanying RDX mix produced by the group using the album’s original multitrack tapes, this version both celebrates the original LP and, through an extensive essay by the group’s mysterious archivist, sheds new light on its production. 
Side A
1 The Walrus Hunt
2 Birth
3 Arctic Hysteria
4 The Angry Angakok
Side B
1 A Spirit Steals A Child
2 The Festival Of Death
Side C
1 ICE RDX Suite (The ‘Eskimo’ multitrack tapes)
Side D
1 Kenya
2 Middle East Dance (from ‘ICE2’)
3 Scottish Rhapsody
4 Diskomo (Demo)
5 Eskimo Suite (1982 Rehearsal)
6 Diskomo (1982 Rehearsal)