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Format: CD
Artist: The Mighty Handful
CatNo: TMH001-TMH002-TMH003
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The_Mighty_Handful Still_Sitting_in_Dannys_Car CD_bundle
Parts 1-5 of this ambitious 'album in five parts'.
Still Sitting in Danny’s Car recounts a narrative that touches upon issues of friendship, nostalgia, reading comics, loss, lust, lessons we might learn from ancient history, pubs, alcoholism, and the dilemmas that come with great power. It is both a quirky study of grief and a celebration of what it means to be alive.
The Mighty Handful is a group of south London based musicians, including a Gentle Giant loving, barbershop singing bass player; a classically trained keyboardist come opera agent; the Music Producer for BBC’s Strictly Come Dancing; the ex-drummer from NWOBHM band Praying Mantis; and a guitarist who spent 10 years in the UK’s premier Iron Maiden tribute band. 
A collection of tunes running to over an hour and a half, covering a range of styles and influences, fused with humour and sentiment.
3CDs in card wallets.
Part 1: Once Upon A Lifetime
1 Once Upon A Lifetime 2:09
2 Not A Dry Glass In The House 3:35
3 So You're Death 4:51
4 Cavalier Spirit 3:40
5 Trip In The Light Fantastic 5:27
Part 2: The Beacon
1 The Beacon 4:42
2 King Of The Beacon 3:27
3 Hypothetically Speaking 5:16
4 Trip Reprise 2:50
5 Time Crash 3:32
Part 3: Rubicon
1 Rubicon 4:04
2 Timeo Danaos Et Dona Ferentes 2:32
3 Whatever Happened To My Mary Jane? 4:08
4 Gwen In Stasis 5:20
5 Madame Geneva 5:24
6 We Had The Rock / Lost Boys 5:42
7 Albion 4:51
Part 4: Slow Reveal
1 Four Hoarse Men 1:11
2 Still 3:21
3 Drowning In The Light 5:18
4 Slow Reveal 3:19
5 Soul Trader 3:07
Part 5: Devils In The Details
1 Devils In The Details 4:57
2 Vital Signs 5:00
3 In Time 4:30
4 Exit Piece 4:24
5 So Who's Death? 3:11