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Format: Vinyl
Artist: The Gathering
CatNo: VILELP812
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The Gathering Home Anneke van Giersbergen double vinyl
Home - from 2006 - was the eighth studio album from The Gathering. A dark and emotional concept work based about daily routine, it was the last to feature lead singer and lyricist Anneke van Giersbergen
Produced, mixed and engineered by Attie Bauw, who was also at the helm during the How to Measure a Planet? recordings, the album was recorded in a church in Maurik, the Netherlands. 
Drummer Hans Rutten described Home as being, “More stripped-down and primitive, more concentrated on song structures". 
Double vinyl in gatefold with four bonus tracks.
Side A
1 Shortest Day 
2 In Between 
3 Alone 
4 Waking Hour
Side B
1 Fatigue 
2 A Noise Severe 
3 Forgotten 
4 Solace 
5 Your Troubles Are Over 
Side C
1 Box 
2 The Quiet One 
3 Home 
4 Forgotten Reprise 
Bonus Tracks 
Side D
1 Blister 
2 Waking Hour (Demo Version) 
3 Inner Combat 
4 Alone (Demo Version)