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Format: Vinyl
Artist: The Durutti Column
CatNo: LOTTA005
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The Durutti Column Sunlight to blue Coloured double vinyl
Originally released in June 2008, Sunlight to Blue… was a bare, beautiful, back to basics, and reflective album from The Durutti Column
The album - somewhat reminiscent of Durutti's work from the early 1980s - also saw the debut of the gifted pianist and singer Poppy Morgan, who co-wrote the melancholy Ananda as a duet (with what Vini Reilly dryly called 'intrusive guitar’). 
Remastered and re-packaged180g coloured - disc 1 yellow to blue, disc 2 - blue to black - double vinyl in gatefold.
1. Glimpse
2. Contact
3. Messages
4. Ged
5. Ananda
6. Never Known Version
7. So Many Crumbs And Monkeys!
8. Head Glue
9. Demo For Gathering Dust
10. Cup A Soup Romance
11. Grief