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Format: Vinyl
Artist: The Durutti Column
CatNo: FBN10
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The Durutti Column LC double vinyl and 7inch
Please note, this final copy has a slightly bashed top right corner. Sold as seen.
A deluxe double vinyl gatefold edition of LC, the second studio release by The Durutti Column.
Originally issued in 1981, the album is ranked among Vini Reilly’s finest recordings.
After recording debut album The Return Of The Durutti Column with producer Martin Hannett in 1979, Vini Reilly purchased a TEAC four-track recorder from Bill Nelson and set about producing his own material.
These evocative, highly atmospheric demos were perfected by Reilly at Graveyard Studios with co-producer Stuart Pickering, with additional drums and percussion from Bruce Mitchell, who has partnered Reilly ever since. 
On this expanded Factory Benelux the original ten tracks are supplemented by 9 bonus cuts, including rare Sordide Sentimental single Danny/Enigma, a full-length version of Portrait for Paul, and the three tracks Reilly contributed to A Factory Quartet in 1980 - his last recordings with Hannett, which feature Donald Johnson of A Certain Ratio on drums. 
The remastered double LP set is housed in a gatefold sleeve printed on matt reverse board, with liner notes and archive images. The package also includes an exclusive 7-inch single featuring live versions of Sketch for Summer and Requiem for a Father, recorded at Leeds Polytechnic in October 1980. These are the earliest surviving professional live recordings of Durutti Column in concert.
Disc 1 
Side A
1. Sketch for Dawn (1)
2. Portrait for Frazier
3. Jaqueline
4. Messidor
5. Sketch for Dawn (2)
Side B
1. Never Known
2. The Act Committed
3. Detail for Paul
4. The Missing Boy
5. The Sweet Cheat Gone
Disc 2
Side C
1. Danny
2. Enigma
3. Experiment in Fifth
4. Portrait for Paul
5. Favourite Painting
Side D
1. For Mimi
2. For Belgian Friends
3. Self-Portrait
4. Zinnia
Disc 3 (7-inch single) 
Side E
E1. Sketch for Summer (live) 
Side F
F1.  Requiem for a Father (version) (live)