Price: £22.99
Format: Vinyl
Artist: The Durutti Column
CatNo: DEMREC744
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The Durutti Column Keep Breathing Double red vinyl Vini Reilly
The first ever vinyl pressing of The Durutti Column’s 2006 studio album Keep Breathing.
Seen by many as a return to form, the album draws on a diverse range of genres from Jazz, Classical, Post-Punk and Folk music (all tied together with serene melodies and the unmistakable guitar sounds of Vini Reilly).
Pressed on two 140g red vinyl. With printed inner sleeves.
Side 1
1. Nina
2. It’s Wonderful
3. Maggie
Side 2
1. Helen
2. Neil
3. Big Hole
Side 3
1. Let Me Tell You Something
2. Lunch
3. Gun
Side 4
1. Tuesday
2. Agnus Dei
3. Waiting