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Artist: The Doors
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The Doors Waiting For The Sun 2CD
Bruce Botnick’s remastered stereo mix of Waiting For The Sun.
Botnick's mix adds new sonic dimensions to songs like The Unknown Soldier and Spanish Caravan. While going through his archive, he uncovered a cache of rough mixes from the sessions that hadn’t been played in 50 years. Botnick says: “I prefer some of these rough mixes to the finals, as they represent all of the elements and additional background vocals, different sensibilities on balances, and some intangible roughness, all of which are quite attractive and refreshing.”
This double CD edition - in 6-panel softpak with 12 page booklet - also features unreleased live recordings of five songs from the Doors’ September 17, 1968 concert in Copenhagen. 
1. Hello, I Love You
2. Love Street
3. Not to Touch the Earth
4. Summer's Almost Gone
5. Wintertime Love
6. The Unknown Soldier
7. Spanish Caravan
8. My Wild Love
9. We Could Be So Good Together
10. Yes, the River Knows
11. Five to One
1. Hello, I Love You
2. Summer’s Almost Gone
3. Yes, The River Knows
4. Spanish Caravan
5. Love Street
6. Wintertime Love
7. Not To Touch The Earth
8. Five To One
9. My Wild Love
10. The WASP (Texas Radio And The Big Beat)
11. Hello, I Love You
12. Back Door Man
13. Five To One
14. The Unknown Soldier