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Artist: Morgan Brown
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The Damned On Track Book
The Damned On Track is a fascinating, deep dive into each of the band’s groundbreaking records. 
Unearthing the stories and inspirations behind the music, Morgan Brown picks apart the musical building blocks and examines both the creative process and the creators themselves (including early visionary leader Brian James, iconic frontman Dave Vanian, madcap genius Captain Sensible, volatile percussive dervish Rat Scabies and many more). 
A perfect companion on a voyage of discovery into the strange, chaotic, wonderful world of The Damned.
Paperback book.
Morgan Brown has been an active part of the UK punk scene for over twenty years as a guitarist, drummer and songwriter. His various bands have toured widely, sharing bills with many of the genre’s leading lights, including, on numerous occasions, The Damned. He is a self-confessed music nerd, enjoying a wild assortment of pop, jazz, folk, heavy metal, country, and whatever else takes his fancy. He is also an avid consumer of sci-fi and crime fiction and is a regular contributor to Hark! The 87th Precinct podcast, which is dedicated to the detective novels of Ed McBain. He lives in Liverpool.