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Format: Vinyl
Artist: The Curator
CatNo: CZ00023LP
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The_Curator All_Lombard_Street_To_A_China 2LP Alistair Murphy
All Lombard Street To A China Orange is the 2021 album from the ever ambitious The Curator.
Featuring two side long epics, seven shorter songs and guest appearances from Brian Gulland (Gryphon) and Steve Bingham (no-man) - amongst others - on his singular new opus The Curator blurs the boundaries between Underground, Progressive and singer-songwriter styles.
Double 180g vinyl in gatefold with inner sleeves.
1. Something New
2. Giving Up (And Letting Go)
3. We Go Down
4. The Never Ending Day
1. An Old Man's Dreams
2. Evening's End
3. Without A Guide
1. The Wrong Music
1. The Boss, The Siren, And The Sea