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Format: Vinyl
Artist: The Clash
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The Clash Combat Rock_The Peoples Hall Special Edition 3LP
A 180g 3LP special edition of The Clash's 1982 classic Combat Rock featuring an additional 12-tracks.
Having returned to London following their pivotal 17-show residency at New York’s Bond’s Casino in 1981, the band rehearsed and recorded at The People’s Hall in the squatted Republic of Frestonia near Latimer Road in London and from there they embarked on a tour of the East and South East Asia, during which the album sleeve image was captured by Pennie Smith in Thailand.
The tracks on ‘The People’s Hall’ chart the period from what was their last single Radio Clash right up to the release of Combat Rock, including unheard, rare and early versions of tracks.
Also includes rare Pennie Smith images plus history of Frestonia essay by Tom Vague.
Combat Rock - SIDE A
1. Know Your Rights
2. Car Jamming
3. Should I Stay Or Should I Go
4. Rock The Casbah
5. Red Angel Dragnet
6. Straight To Hell
Combat Rock - SIDE B
1. Overpowered By Funk
2. Atom Tan
3. Sean Flynn
4. Ghetto Defendant
5. Inoculated City
6. Death Is A Star
The People’s Hall - SIDE A
1. Outside Bonds
2. Radio Clash
3. Futura 2000
The People’s Hall - SIDE B
1. First Night Back In London
2. Radio One - Mikey Dread
3. He Who Dares Or Is Tired*
4. Long Time Jerk
5. The Fulham Connection [aka The Beautiful People Are Ugly Too]
The People’s Hall - SIDE C
1. Midnight To Stevens
2. Sean Flynn
3. Idle In Kangaroo Court
4. Know Your Rights*
SIDE D is blank