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The Anchoress The Art Of Losing Boxset
The Art of Losing is the second album from Welsh multi-instrumentalist The Anchoress (aka Catherine Anne Davies), following up on her critically acclaimed debut album, Confessions of A Romance Novelist. 
Written and produced by Davies, the album features guest appearances from James Dean Bradfield (Manic Street Preachers) and Sterling Campbell (David Bowie, Duran Duran), along with the mixing talents of Dave Eringa (Manics, Wilko Johnson) and grammy-award winner Mario McNulty (David Bowie, Prince, Laurie Anderson).
Limited 3CD edition in deluxe 48-page hardback book with exclusive artwork, unseen photos, extended liner notes, and scans from Catherine’s studio notebooks. Features 2 additional leopard print CDs featuring 11 original demos, alternative mixes, and writing demos (plus 5 brand new remixes).
The Art Of Losing ambitiously navigates the topic of loss in all its forms and was written, recorded and produced by Davies during an unfeasibly busy few years as she found solace and purpose in a range of projects whilst navigating her griefs. Most recently this came via the release of her collaborative album ‘In Memory of My Feelings’ with Bernard Butler (on Pete Paphides’ label Needle Mythology), duetting with the Manic Street Preachers on ‘Resistance Is Futile’, and being personally invited by The Cure’s Robert Smith to perform at his Meltdown Festival. She also brought a new generation of ears to legendary Scottish rock band Simple Minds, where she spent much of the last five years appearing on the Big Music (2015) and Walk Between Worlds (2018) albums.
Critical praise for The Anchoress’ debut album:
"Hounds Of Love, updated for the 21st century." PROG
"Davies is making music like nobody else at the moment." NME
"A devastatingly powerful voice" MOJO 
"One of the year’s most affecting records... a collection of songs that sets a high bar for intense, soul-tearing pop music. 9/10." THE LINE OF BEST FIT
"Addresses the peaks and troughs of love, commitment and betrayal...Fascinating." SUNDAY TIMES
"A rich and complex debut...a blackly witty breakup album...Compelling." THE OBSERVER
"Like Karen Carpenter singing John Grant." UNCUT 
"A flawless and sophisticated hyper-literate pop record." GQ 
"A record which could sneak big ideas past the listeners of daytime radio."
" and satisfyingly poptastic." THE QUIETUS
1. Moon Rise (Prelude) (02:51)
2. Let It Hurt (03:37)
3. The Exchange (feat. James Dean Bradfield)
4. Show Your Face (04:27)
5. The Art Of Losing (04:07)
6. All Farewells Should Be Sudden (05:02)
7. All Shall Be Well (01:39)
8. Unravel (04:05)
9. Paris (02:01)
10. 5AM (04:02)
11. The Heart Is A Lonesome Hunter (04:06)
12. My Confessor (03:56)
13. With The Boys (05:57)
14. Moon (An End) (02:52)
1. Show Your Face (Original Keys Demo) (04:24)
2. The Art Of Losing (P.Dub Alt Mix) (04:06)
3. Unravel (P.Dub Alt Mix) (04:04)
4. The Heart Is A Lonesome Hunter (Original Demo Version) (04:01)
5. Show Your Face (P.Dub Alt Mix) (04:24)
6. With The Boys (Original Demo Version) (05:34)
7. All Shall Be Well (Instrumental Version) (01:41)
8. Paris (Instrumental Version) (01:56)
9. Unravel (Original String Demo) (03:28)
10. The Exchange (dictaphone writing demo)
11. Let It Hurt (Dictaphone Writing Demo) (01:57)
1. The Exchange feat. James Dean Bradfield (Hinako Omori Remix)
2. Unravel (Cross Bone T Remix)
3. Show Your Face (Worriedaboutsatan remix)
4. The Art of Losing (Jermaine Soul Remix)
5. The Exchange feat. James Dean Bradfield (Jermaine Soul Remix)